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Pet Palliative & Hospice Care

Learn more about our pet palliative & hospice care services below.

Pet Palliative & Hospice Care in Morganton, NC

At Healthy Petz Family Vet, we offer pet palliative and hospice care for our patients in Morganton, NC. A pet with a terminal illness receives palliative/hospice care in an effort to meet both their physical and emotional needs. It begins the moment a pet is diagnosed with a terminal condition, and the family has decided not to pursue aggressive curative therapies. Hospice for pets emphasizes caring rather than curing. We are aware that a serious illness has a significant impact on both the patient and the patient’s family. Our mission is to foster a compassionate community that cares about the needs of the entire family and offers top-notch care for a peaceful death.

While the focus of palliative/hospice care is on our pets, we also want to help families and caregivers prepare for this major life transition.

So, when should palliative/hospice care be started? When faced with an incurable illness, aggressive or invasive treatments and/or diagnostics should be avoided in favor of comfort care. This is when palliative/hospice care is appropriate. Early intervention, whether after a diagnosis has been made or whenever we feel we could use a little extra support and direction, enables us to make sure we can offer the best care. Our pet palliative and hospice care services are designed to provide comfort and support for both the pet and the pet owner during this difficult time. Our goal is to provide comfort and peace for both the pet and their owner. We work closely with families to develop a personalized care plan that takes into account the pet’s unique needs.